A site run by Aaron Gross, a son-in-law of Nyiregyhazi's late cousin Henry Fried.

The official site of the International Ervin Nyiregyhi Foundation

Ervin Nyiregyhazi Appreciation page
Music scores and MIDI transcriptions of some of the childhood compositions in the Revecz's book


A site run by a pianist Michael Sayers.

"Lost Genius" is available from this link.

International Piano Archive at Maryland

University of Creation, Art, Music & Social Work
Takasaki College of Music. Current president, Daitetsu Koike, invited Nyiregyhazi to Japan.

Kakuyu Sekikawa's HP
A Japanese page run by Kakuyu Sekikawa, a biwa player who invited Nyiregyhazi to Japan.

Ford Foundation
They financially supported Nyiregyhazi in late 70's, generatung two Masterworks LPs.